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Enhydra Server 7.0-4 is released!

Hi all,

Enhydra Server 7.0-4 is just released!

CVS sources are updated and binary distributions are available from:

* Together Application Cluster maintenance - release 7.0-3 binaries are included.

* Added configuration of garbage collector in setup, configurator and in configuration script.

* Together Development Studio removed from TAS (moved to Kelp project).
o Together Development Studio (Enhydra IDE) - integrated Eclipse version 3.2

* First letter of demo application names changed to lowercase.

* Together Relational Objects maintenance - release 7.0-4 is included.
o Added support for STATISTICS create statements depending on parameter in dbVendor conf file. o Added support for statistics element in doml for create statistics statements.
o Added support for includeIndexColumn in index as index extension.

* Together Search Server maintenance - release 1.0-10 binaries are included.
o Together Search Server
+ Admin application
# Support for modification of configuration files.
# Support for index process without 'TAS' running.
# New application parameters are introduced according to this new functionality is added. Pure text of excel file is stored in index and converted text (HTML) is saved to file system.
+ Search application
# Reread configuration files every x minutes.
# Introduction of search suggest logic.
+ TAS Documentation
# Doesn't include TAS documentation index.
# Added batch file for automatic indexing of TAS documentation. Added option in setup to index TAS documentation.
o Together Document Viewer
+ Parse/display containers files(Archive) with subpath of contents (zip and tgz), subpaths as "directory".
+ Picture "zoom" links in preview of pictures is added.
+ Display Excel files preview as HTML table (separate preview HTML from indexed data for search). + Support of register "Together Document Viewer" action for Windows file types.
+ Reread configuration files every x minutes.
+ Added option in setup to include Together Document Previewer in context (right-click) menu.
o Parser
+ Excel parser, support for converting excel file to html file.
+ MSG/EML parser, more mail metadata is introduced.

* Together Workflow Server maintenance - release 2.0-beta5 binaries are included.
o Fixed bug in AssignmentFilterBuilderDODS in method addPackageIdEquals().
o Fixed bug in ProcessFilterBuilderDODS in method setOrderByResourceRequesterId().

* Together Application Framework maintenance - release 7.0-4 binaries are included.
o Request/Response pre/post processing:
+ Chiba pre-processing logic changed in order to enable standardized XForm engine submission handle!
+ FormFaces post-processor implemented as another XForm engine support!
+ PDF post-processor implementation changed to support all FOP output formats (PDF, XML, TXT, SVG, MIF, PS, PCL). Therefore, according to new functionality present implementation changed name from 'Fo2PdfResponsePostProcessor' to 'Fo2FopResponsePostProcessor'.

* Together Demo Applications maintenance - release 7.0-4 is included.
o workListHandler - improved L&F and functionality of work-list and process list; added administrative functionality: to handle XPDL repository, to handle Packages and Process Instantiation section to view all process factories, enable/disable factories and instantiate processes. o travelWizard - it is an example of usage Together Application Framework (TAF), XForms, Chiba, XMLC and Together Workflow Server (TWS). It acts like simple software for traveling agency. Implemented as workListHandler extension. + Contract view supports multiple formats - implemented demonstration of new FOP post-processing TAF features.

* Together File Checker maintenance - release 1.0-10 binaries are included.
o Support for output(log) 'csv' file type, reporting with very detailled "columns".
o Added option for type of output(log) files 'txt' and/or 'csv'.

* Completely new look of TAS documentation.

* Added new parameter in configuration - Tomcat Service Name.

* Integrated XMLBeans (version 2.2.0) - technology for accessing XML by binding it to Java types.

* Integrated Chiba (version 1.2) - an open-source Java Implementation of the W3C XForms standard.

* Together Workflow Editor maintenance - release 2.0-5 is included.

* Together Data Transformer maintenance - release 3.6-2 is included.

* DocBook maintenance - release 1.70.1 is included.

* FOP maintenance - release 0.20.5 is included.

* JAF maintenance - release 1.1 is included.

* JavaMail maintenance - release 1.4 is included.

* Axis maintenance - release 1.4 is included.

* Wrapper maintenance - release 3.2.0 is included.

* XMLC maintenance - release 2.2.10 is included.

* Removed tool jaxb.

* Removed tool Zeus.

 Slobodan Vujasinovic
Enhydra Development Team

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