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XMLC 2.3 final is out

I'm happy to announce the release of XMLC-2.3 final!

XMLC 2.3 final is here! Users of XMLC 2.2.xx are encouraged to upgrade to XMLC 2.3, though be sure to read xmlc-2-3-release-note.html before doing so. Enjoy!

Download at:

XMLC 2.3 final includes all relevant features/enhancements/fixes in XMLC 2.2.16 plus...

New features...

- Upgraded to Xerces2 - XMLC inherits full DOM3 support. XMLC no longer wraps
   Xerces into its own namespace, so make sure the latest version, currently
   2.9.0, is in the classpath.

 - Parser cleanup and consolidation - Hello NekoHTML, goodbye JTidy and Swing

- Deferred Parsing and Dynamic Loading now used exclusively - no more Static Loading

- Changes to the DOMFactory interface - custom DOMFactories will need to be updated


- Improved serialization code, added OutputOptions.FORMAT_XHTML option, supports
   formatting HTML as XHTML and XHTML as HTML.  Also added the capability to
format HTML in lower-case (the HTML DOM stores element names in upper-case) as
   well as the capability to configure line endings used in pretty printing.

See xmlc-2-3-release-note.html for more info

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