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Help on using deferred parsing


I am trying to migrate my app (barracuda) to xmlc 2.3 :)

Until now I never used deferred parsing nor dynamic loading. Well, it
appears I will have to...

So here is my problem :

is there a way to place *ml files for deferred parsing in a different
place than where the compiled class will belong to ?

What I mean is that right now I have this directory strucutre :

org.mecadu.pres.dom : here is the package of xmlc compiled *ml files
org.mecadu.pres.dom.htm : here are the *ml files

I compile using this king of ant directive :

<Xmlc compile="no" includes="**/*.html" srcdir="org/mecadu/pres/dom"
sourceout="" packagedir="org/mecadu/pres/dom" force="false"

When building the war, I omit the htm directory.
When cleaning the project, I delete generated files in the dom

So, with deferred parsing, is there a way to tell xmlc that it should
look for *ml file in a different place than the package the needed class
belongs to ?


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