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Re: [xmlc] xmlc2.3 include-ignorable-whitespace feature

Well, right now it isn't configurable, though it could be added as an option in the metadata in the future. Can you explain why you need ignorable whitespace to be included? The DTD defines whitespace as ignorable or not. Why would it lie? Can I assume you are using XHTML? Please describe what is getting broken so I can better understand the problem. And are you using XMLC's DOMFormatter to output your markup or some other mechanism?

BTW, I'm curious, how are you using OSGI with XMLC?


At 07:53 PM 5/23/2007, you wrote:


I upgrade my application (xmlc + osgi) to xmlc 2.3 , then I found that "include-ignorable-whitespace" feature default is false. I can't find how to configure.

   Who have a good idea?


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