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Re: xmlc question

Hi Steve,

First, I recommend that you send questions to the XMLC list instead of directly to me. I've directed this response to the XMLC list and CC'd you.

As far as the output formatting, that is not really the XMLC compiler, per say. It's the DOMFormatter; specifically the HTMLFormatter. It's hard wired to do that with HTML, because it's what HTML allows for it. Whether or not its truly desirable is another matter.

What version of XMLC are you using? If you move to the recently released 2.3 version, you can output HTML as XHTML (and vice-versa). See the 2.3 release notes for details. Unfortunately, there's no work around if you use XMLC 2.2.xx for formatting. However, you can always use another HTML DOM formatter. JTidy and NekoHTML are very capable (the latter is used in XMLC 2.3 for parsing). You can also use the standard DOM3 LSSerializer or the JAXP transformer API.


At 08:05 PM 5/29/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Jacob:
>From the xmlc compiler source code, I know that you
>were one of the developer for the xmlc compiler.
>The xmlc compiler will remove the html code tag </p>.
>From content aspect, it is fine. But it will create
>some problem in the page format. Would you please let
>me know how I can fix this problem in the compiler so
>that it will keep </p> tag in the html page?
>-Steve Wei
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