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Re: [zh-cnweb-contributors] 网站说明



JOnAS is the Open Source implementation by ObjectWeb of the J2EETM specification. JOnAS is a pure JavaTM implementation of this specification that relies on the JDK. JOnAS is part of the ObjectWeb Open Source initiative, which was launched in collaboration with several partners including Bull, the France Telecom R&D division and INRIA.


The Enhydra project delivers a servlet runner with a difference. While enterprise Java standards such as Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.1 are used to support presentation logic, Enhydra contains additional functionality to build dynamic Web applications, including an XML engine (Enhydra XMLC), Database Connection Pooling, an object-to- relational mapping tool (Enhydra DODS), presentation management, session management , session persistence and failover, advanced logging (with log4j), easy administration and configuration (Enhydra Application Framework), load-balancing/clustering (Enhydra Director), IDE integration (Enhydra Kelp), an MVC presentation framework (Barracuda), a relational ETL tool (Enhydra Octopus), lots of examples/demos (Enhydra Demos), documentation, support for Windows and Linux system services and much more.


On Jun 10, 2005, at 8:51 AM, Harry Pan wrote:


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